Kitchen helpers: Tala Cook’s Measure

I’m going to start up a little mini-series about my favourite kitchen utensils that help me in the baking process – sharing my love for the things that make cooking just that bit easier

First up I’m going to rave about the Tala Cook’s Measure – a handy alternative to kitchen scales. Instead of having to fuss about making sure the marker is precisely at zero, or putting the thing together, the Cook’s Measure is a cone shape which has  scales around the cup, allowing you to measure different quantities of different ingredients at a glance. From sugar and rice, to milk and baking powder, each ingredient has a varying scale so you can measure accurately.

My favourite part however is that is has a scale for American measurements, ie cups. The hours I’ve spent trying to find conversions online and giving up in frustration (each website claims a different amount) are now no longer an issue!

It’s a vintage utensil yes, but as they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Thank you for making my (baking) life so much easier…

You can buy your own from Lakeland. It’s the best £5.99 you’ll spend this year.


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