Posted in March 2013

Kitchen helpers: Tala Cook’s Measure

I’m going to start up a little mini-series about my favourite kitchen utensils that help me in the baking process – sharing my love for the things that make cooking just that bit easier First up I’m going to rave about the Tala Cook’s Measure – a handy alternative to kitchen scales. Instead of having … Continue reading

Project Piñata

Whilst scrolling down my news feed, I came across a beautiful, beautiful sight. I present to you the piñata cake. A CAKE, when you cut into it, that has SWEETS inside! Sugar-ception anyone? The secret to the sugar rush is to bake two cakes, cut off the tops of each, scoop out a little space … Continue reading

Batch 001: the update

You might vaguely remember this cryptic post from a while back… Well, let me explain a little more! That picture was my first attempt of the recipe I entered into the Emerald Street and Hummingbird Bakery cupcake challenge. They were looking for a new recipe to be sold across their five London stores for two … Continue reading