Scotland’s first Krispy Kreme sets up shop in Edinburgh

IMG_0553I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch night of the brand new Hermiston Gait branch of Krispy Kreme, which is Scotland’s first!

Next to Edinburgh Park train station (and a KFC) it’s a little slice of modern America in an unlikely retail park location. However, with their stellar coffee and of course, doughnuts, the surrounding office workers are sure to appreciate a place where they can grab a quick pick me up (and a sweet treat if needed!)

With a a hotel across the road, it’s also an ideal location if you were to ever pursue a career in doughnut testing, as I discovered it’s pretty tiring work.


Upon arriving we were greeted by the music from Forth One dj’s, staff with trays upon trays of doughnuts, and a glass of champagne. It’s those moments that make me truly love my future career.

My friend Katie and I were then given a tour of the production process by the most fun kitchen staff ever. Although our guide Ben couldn’t reveal their secret recipe (damnit!) he did talk us through how the iconic doughnuts are made. First up the doughnuts are cooked at 180 degrees before making their way under through a glaze coating, before going under a sugar shower, and then packed away by the awesome production staff (who danced to Gangnam Style and Sexy And I Know It at several points during the night).

We were then given the chance to dip our own doughnuts, and given a professional and very cute Krispy Kreme hat.  The doughy treats were dipped into a chocolate sauce (of which I made sure mines was thoroughly covered in!) and then laid in a tray of coloured sprinkles for a topping. We waved goodbye to the kitchen and grabbed our hand made treats.IMG_0678

Being excellent journalists, we made sure to sample as many doughnuts as we could. Y’know, for research. Very thorough research.

So here’sa quick roundup of some of the doughnuts we did get to sample:

Millionaires’ Shortbread: a wonderful take on an awesome biscuit – take a bite inside and you encounter not only a gorgeous melted chocolate centre, but a biscuity surprise too!

Cream filled chocolate: a chocolate eclair in doughnut form (and arguably much much better!)

Maple syrup: a fabulous treat just in time for pancake day! The doughnut/maple glaze ratio was absolutely spot on.

Red velvet: only criticism of this is that although it looks pretty, the doughnut base is pretty dry. The icing is absolutely spectacular though,so if you do get it, cut it into chunks and dip it into the icing to get the best flavour!

Classic glazed: we grabbed one straight off the production line, still hot. We almost wept it tasted that good. It’s the Krispy Kreme classic that got them started, and it’s still what they do best.

The store officially opens Wednesday the 13th of February at 7am, and the first customer in line will win a years supply of doughnuts!

Now all we need is for the next store to open in Glasgow…


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