In a jam

In my last blog post I expressed a desire to be more experimental when it comes to my baking. So on Sunday I decided, bugger it, let’s try something new.

Returning home from work I was inspired – we’d had a chat about our favourite desserts and quite a few people expressed a love for orange/strawberry/hazelnut filled goodies – and it dawned on me that I had never attempted anything with a filling inside.

That, I decided, had to change.

So I got home and got down to business. I was going to make a batch of cupcakes with a jam filling (I would reveal more details about the cakes, but that is for another post).

I got a cupcake making machine from my mother for Christmas this year, which had already been christened on New Year’s Eve when I made boozy cupcakes (promise I’ll post the recipe soon!), so I already knew how to use it. The best part is that it bakes six cakes in around eight minutes.

This’ll be nice, quick and easy, I thought.

Oh, how ignorance is bliss.

Unlike an oven, where the heat comes from above, the cupcake machine is basically a hot plate – every part of it reaches incredibly high temperatures to make sure it cooks everything really quickly.

So I filled the paper cases with the mixture, then a layer of jam, and then some mixture on top, and shut the lid, looking forward to the next eight minutes passing so I could see how they turned out.

It was about a minute in when black smoke started coming out the machine. I lifted it up to find the mixture/jam overflowing the entire machine – the lid, the plate, everything.

The aftermath... and that's with a lot of scrubbing involved.

The aftermath… and that’s with a lot of scrubbing involved.

Turns out that in those conditions, jam boils, thus causing everything to overflow. So no cupcakes for me.

However on the brighter side, once I managed to scrape as much of the mixture as I could out of and off the machine, it turned out that the concoction that was left tasted pretty amazing.

So here’s to the black smoke mixture mess – an original recipe.


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