Baking resolutions

Lying in bed eating ginger snaps from IKEA (of which I need to try and recreate myself!) it suddenly dawned on me that January is nearly over.

Which is as good a time as ever to try and resurrect those New Years resolutions that may have already fallen by the wayside…

Personally I don’t go for resolutions such as “lose weight” or “give up chocolate” – I like making more positive (and realistic) goals that I’d like to achieve.

So I present to you my baking goals for the year. And you can tell me off if I don’t achieve them!


1) Decoration, decoration, decoration.

Although many of the new bakery stalls that have popped up recently are all icing, no taste, I still envy those who have the creativity and talent to make gorgeous looking cakes. I would love the look of my baked goods to match the taste – that quite literally would be the icing on the cake for me!

2) I knead some dough, yo.

Pastry has always been my weak point – when I studied hospitality in high school even my teacher was impressed by just how terrible I was. Which is annoying because I adore apple pies, chocolate and pear tarts and pain au chocolat’s! So this year I aim to at least give pastry another go. It may take me a while to get there but I’m determined to bake me some pies! After all, what’s watching my Twin Peaks boxset without a slice of cherry pie?

3) Create-my-own.

I’ve been coming up with some new ideas to try out for this blog, but prior to that I have always relied on books for ideas. Whilst I am extremely thankful for their guidance and inspiration, I really want to get more creative with my baking. It means I can figure what works, what doesn’t, and what (if anything) I think needs to be changed next time.

So here’s to improving my baking and trying new things! It’s such a shame that I’ll have to be the one to do all the ‘quality control’ for all these new baked goods 😉


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