Pass the cake – the Great British Bake Off game

Drinking games are so 2012.

 As a student, I am well accustomed to the tv drinking game. It’s an easy party game that  is a good emergency alternative in the inevitable situation where nobody remembers to bring a deck of cards… from bingo sheets to moustaches, I’ve probably played most of them at some point.

But alas, we have a wonderful new alternative! Rather than waking up the next morning with a disgruntled liver and a loss of dignity, this wonderful new game will leave your stomach saying “thank you for filling me with baked goodness rather than liquid poison”.

It’s the cake eating game.

It’s so unbelievably perfect I’m heartbroken that I didn’t come up with the idea first… but I am so thankful someone else did.

The rules are similar to those of the well loved tv drinking game, but instead of “have a sip of your drink” or down your drink”  being the action whenever a certain typical phrase crops up, you instead get to eat a specified quantity of cake.

That’s right.


And the best part? It’s on iPlayer, so you can play along to your heart’s content.

Rules available here.


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